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JustCSS updated to 1.1

Changes include: = 1.1 = * Added automatic header image ( if image img/logo.jpg is located ) = 1.0.9 = * Document functions. * Use load_template instead of require. = 1.0.8 = * rename all functions/options justcss not jcss. * reorder admin section. = 1.0.7 = * Added google fonts API * `justcss_google_fonts` filter added…

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Getting the most from Theme-Check

A simple and easy way to test your theme for all the latest WordPress standards and practices. A great theme development tool! With the recently tagged version of Theme-Check comes a new feature for reviewers to automatically format the output from the plugin for use in the trac tickets. It turns this: WARNING: functions.php. Themes…

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JustCSS 1.0.3

New version went live today! Biggest change was the move to the Wordpress settings API making the settings screen secure with data validation. Changelog highlights: * Moved to settings API with full data validation with regex. * Removed dynamic css file style.php ( css added to head now to save requests to db ). *…

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PHP shell detected in themes site!

Themes from contain a ‘php shell’ that opens a back door to your server! The bad files are actually INSIDE the screenshot.png file, its really a zip! DO NOT download anything from this site, all the themes have back doors! Only download JustCSS and other themes from reputable sites like

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